Bargains: enjoy the winter bargains with a mini loan


Zaloan borrows amounts between fifty and 500 euros. You are able to immediately and freely eliminate the loan amount, however, you do have to pay back that will amount after 15 or 30th days. Borrowing money expenses money, even at Zaloan. But with this lender you might be remarkably cheap. The period of your mini loan along with Zaloan naturally depends on the dimension of the loan. Both the application and the complete settlement of the mini loan are carried out exclusively at Zaloan on the internet or even by SMS. Credit at Zaloan is cheap, secure and reliable. How inexpensive such a mini-loan at Zaloan is, is illustrated by administration costs that were restricted to barely four euros for each loan.

Lend with a guarantor or assure insurance

Borrow with a guarantor or guarantee insurance

Zaloan features course not a charity yet a lender, and therefore would like to keep its financial danger as limited as possible. To become sure that the borrowed cash will also be returned, Zaloan requires a guarantor. That can be each a family member and someone out of your circle of friends. This guarantees the repayment of the loan. If you prefer never to involve third parties within taking out your mini mortgage with Zaloan, you have the choice of taking out insurance with Worldwide Guarantee.

The price of such a guarantee insurance depends upon what amount borrowed and the period of your mini loan:

The cost of such a guarantee insurance depends on the amount borrowed and the duration of your mini loan:

  • Loan amount fifty euros / 15 times: 8 euros
  • Amount borrowed 100 pounds / 15 days: eighteen euros
  • Quantity borrowed 100 euros or 30 days: 24 euros
  • Loan amount a hundred and fifty euros / 30 days: 37 euros
  • Mortgage amount 200 euros and 30 days: 52 euros
  • Loan amount three hundred euros / 30 days: eighty euros
  • Quantity borrowed 400 euros and 30 days: 108 euros
  • Amount borrowed five hundred euros / 30 days: 136 euros

Zaloan also requires a tight minimum of evidence for allowing a mini-loan, which means that oftentimes you can dispose of the mortgage on the same day of your software.

Both the software and the complete settlement of this mini-loan will only be on-line at Zaloan.

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