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Consumer Credit Directive (VKR) and / or the Price Indication Regulation (PAngV). See at the bottom of this page how important the composition of interest and principal portions of a loan is. To whom is the pay I? Note on the calculator: We can not consider all the parameters necessary for the calculation of the current ALG I, but the calculated numbers are intended as a guide. The essential requirements that you need to meet in order to receive ALG I can be found in the following note. 

The benefit entitlement to unemployment

The benefit entitlement to unemployment

Benefit is given in the case of unemployment; it is also granted for the period of training provided by the Employment Agency. Anyone who becomes aware of impending unemployment or has a temporary employment contract is required to register as a person unemployed at least three months before the date. Anyone who later learned of his dismissal must travel to work within three days.

Unemployment benefit will be paid no later than the date of application. The unemployment register is considered as an application for unemployment benefits. The prerequisite for this is that you have been working for more than twelve months (360 calendar days) in the past two years of insurance. To what extent is the pay high? The amount of the unemployment benefit depends on the salary of the past twelve months before the unemployment period.

If the unemployed person was not able to work

If the unemployed person was not able to work

In this case, which is subject to social security, the so-called assessment framework will be extended to two years. If there are no 150 days of insurable activity during this period, a fictitious salary is used as the basis for assessment. If the unemployed person has at least one infant, he is entitled to 67% of the calculated amount, otherwise 60%.

The multiplication of this daily entitlement to ALG I with 30 days leads to monthly compensation. Note: If you only get a small ALG, you may need additional benefits for basic insurance, eg ALG II, which can also be obtained through the Employment Agency. Here you can also calculate your expected loss.

Since when is unemployment benefits granted? Unemployment benefits depend on the time the unemployed person worked in an insurance relationship. Below is an overview of the eligibility period: For those who have reached the age of fifty, a longer period of entitlement is granted. In the case of a 30-month compulsory insured employment, they are entitled to 15 years.

You can receive unemployment benefits for 18 months from the age of 36 months of pregnancy when you reach the age of 50 years. From the age of 58 and 48 months of contributions, they are entitled to 24 monthly wages for the unemployed. 

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