2 reasons you should embrace cloud computing


It is important to understand in detail what cloud computing is before you learn about AWS cloud services. It refers to on-demand IT delivery resources that are found over the internet with pricing of pay as you go. Instead of having to buy, own and maintain physical data servers and centers, you can be able to access technology services like computing power, database, and storage on a needed basis from the provider of cloud services like the AWS – amazon web services.

Who uses cloud computing services?

All types of organizations, industry, and size utilize the cloud for various use cases like data backup, email, disaster recovery, virtual desktops, software testing and development, a web application for customer-facing, big data analytics.

An example is the healthcare companies that utilize the cloud in developing treatments that are more personalized for patients. The financial service companies do use the cloud in powering in real-time detection of fraud as well as prevention. And the makers of video games utilize the cloud to deliver online games to millions of players around the globe.

Benefiting from cloud computing


The cloud can give you great and easy access to a broad range of technologies which makes innovation faster and builds almost everything that you can be in a position of imagining.

You can spin quickly the resources you need the from the services of infrastructure like storage, compute, and database to the things on the internet of things, data lakes, machine learning, and analytics, and much more.

It is possible to deploy the services of technology in a few minutes and get from the idea to the implementation of several orders to magnitude faster than it was before. It gives you the freedom of experimenting, testing new ideas to be able to differentiate experiences of various customers and transform your business.


When it comes to cloud computing, you do not require over-provisioning resources upfront in handling peak levels of activities in business in the future. Instead of that, you can decide to provide the resource amount which you require. It is possible to scale the resources up and down to grow instantly and shrink the capacity because your business has to change.


With the above benefits of using cloud computing, it might be high time to start using the AWS services to enjoy what it brings to the table.  The benefits outweigh the cons such as the high initial pricing.

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