What is a Strategic Data Breach Response Plan?


Is your business ready for the worst, should you receive a data breach? Cyber security is no laughing matter. Let’s review how you can be safer in your industry.

Cyber security isn’t just about fighting hackers in race-to-the-end style battles. It’s about protecting your client’s sensitive information so that it doesn’t get sold on the dark web for a profit. Information is gold dust right now. Every firm – even the ones you think are too good to be in on it – trades in the value of information. It is only through analytics that we learn more about who our client is and how we can get them to spend money. Without proper consideration, your firm could do serious damage to its own reputation, simply by not having an action plan in place.

Today, we want to discuss the Strategic Data Breach Response Plan. What is it, how do you write one, and is it worthwhile? Let’s find out.

Strategic Data Breach Response Plans are Exactly What They Sound Like

Strategic data breach response plans are guidelines that corporations put in place to help them through data breaches, should the worst happen. Ironically enough, it is companies which already have these in place which need to worry least about data breaches. If you have taken measures to protect consumer data, the chances are that hackers will simply look for easier targets. However, not putting a plan in place, and not consulting on better cyber security in your workplace, could see you lose millions in profit.

A strategic data breach response plan sets out, step-by-step, the action your firm should take to rectify any data breaches. It details how you should respond in the public eye, how you should proceed in data handling afterwards, and how you can secure your other information even while the attack is ongoing. All of this creates a measured response which you can turn into an action plan that gets you out of a difficult situation. After all, data breaches cost the average company between $3 and $4 million. If your company can’t afford such a scandal, having a plan in place can prevent it.

How to Create a Strategic Data Breach Response Plan?

If you are now convinced that you need a response plan in place, here are the best ways to create one.

Hire a Professional

Firstly, head over to browse through the Cyber Security Jobs at Hays Technology. They can provide your firm with a professional cyber security expert who can test, upgrade, monitor, and maintain your cyber systems. If you have a security operative carrying out regular checks, you are out of the danger zone.

Ensure Compliance

One of the main reasons we suffer data breaches is because we are not paying attention. Ensure your data handling policies are fully compliant with the law in your area. Keeping systems updated, educating employees about potential phishing techniques, and regularly testing your system for weaknesses are all other ways you can bolster your cyber defences.

Strategic Planning

If your firm doesn’t have a strategic planning department, then this task falls to management. Consider all the data handling points your organisation has and how they leave data vulnerable. Examining what your public response should be, and how you can shut down hackers mid-operation, should also be considerations.

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